Category: router ips is the address of an array of most wireless model routers, similar to or This router gateway is a private IPv4 network address, it can be used by a home router to set up the default gateway. In a network, just one piece of equipment must use to keep address conflicts at bay.

How to login to

  1. To access the management console of your router copy into your web browser’s URL address
  2. Once you reach the router admin login panel introduce your username and password. If you don’t know them, you can find them in this default username and password list or set up new ones by following this article.
  3. Inside the admin panel you will be able to change all kinds of setting such as: DNS, IP allocation, Routing and many more.

Why am I unable to access

If there is a problem connecting, first identify if your router’s IP address is Some people tend to make a mistake and type 192.168.l.l . To find your router IP address check our router IP address list or our article on how to find your router IP address in various operating systems.

If the gateway address is and it doesn’t work, make sure you have turned off any firewall or antivirus running in the background.

Router User and Password List

You can also select your router’s default admin and password from the following list:

How to change my router password?

In order to change the password, log in to the router control panel by enter your router default IP address. On entering username and password for the router, router administration interface will load. Find the administrative tab in the router administration interface. Click on the link ‘Change password’. Type the new password twice on the interface. is a class A ip address used by router factories as the default gateway address of their routers. This IP address can be used to setup your own network, but it must be unique in its own local area network

How to login to a router using

  1. Open your browser and type in in the URL address bar, and press Enter button.
  2. The management console will appear on the screen. Enter your username and password here. If you do not know where to find this information, it is generally marked at back of the router. If you still are having troubles finding your password visit our list of default router passwords.
  3. Select the Network section on your menu display.
  4. Dial-up/DSL or other methods can be used for setting up the network. Feed in username and password you have got from the network provider.
  5. Google provides the DNS and

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router’s username and password from the list below:

Can’t connect to

This IP address represents the local side of a wireless access point connection to the Internet. Once the client devices join LAN (local area network), the address would appear in their TCP/IP network gateway settings. You can use the ping utility to find if any device on the local network is actively using

Common issues are:

  • Incorrect device address assignment and unresponsive gateway device. This is the case when your router uses another IP address. You can find your router’s IP gateway here.
  • Incorrect client address assignment. On WI-Fi networks, clients connect to the gateway through the network name (SSID), and the necessary IP address settings are applied to the client automatically. Most other networks also depend on automated client address assignment. Glitches in this process are uncommon but can cause a client’s gateway settings to be corrupted or lost. IP address is the default access point for several home broadband routers. These include many Belkin and SMC models. When first sold, access points or IP addresses are set on devices by brands and models. However, you can configure any router or computer on a local network to change these specifications.

Login to router IP Address

Your router is using and you want to log in to the router’s console. To achieve that, use the the local network by pointing a Web browser to Take care not to type the address http://www.

When the connection is established, the user will be prompted to introduce an administrator username and password in order to complete the login process. If the router gets disconnected from network (offline), the browser will respond with an error message: ‘This webpage is not available’.

Some Internet service providers would supply networking equipment that enables administrators to type a name in the browser instead of the IP address.

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router’s username and password from the list below:

What restrictions do I face when using

As is a private IPv4 network address, you can’t use it to link to a router from outside your home network. For that purpose, you have to use the router’s public IP address. If you need to set up two routers on your home network simultaneously, these have to be set up with different addresses. To confirm the address a local router is using, you can look up the default gateway set on a device currently connected to it. Alternatively check out our tutorial on how to check your router’s IP address.

How can I change the address

You can configure and customize your router’s specifications (IP, passwords…) within the Admin Console. The Administrator Console of a router provides options to change the default local address along with other IP settings.

How can I reach

In order to access the administration panel of your modem, you need type manually on the address bar of the browser or duplicate the IP. In case you use the wrong password, you need to reset the device. This can be done by pressing the reset button at the back of your device for a while, for more info about this last point click here. ip address enables you access your wireless router or ADSL router. If you need to access your router without using a wire, the ip address code makes it possible.

How can I login to

To do that, you need to enter the address http://192.168.l.254 in your browser. You can manually type this or simply copy the address to your browser toolbar. The system will prompt you to enter your user name and password.

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router’s username and password from the list below:

What to do if I enter the wrong password?

Such as or, in case you enter the wrong information, you won’t be given access. You will need to reset the system before you enter the password again. For that, you will need to press the reset button with a needle for a while (10-15 seconds). Once the device on the reset mode, you will be required to feed in the password information fresh.

What to do if I do not know my password?

You will find a list of default modem passwords online. It should not be a problem to get one.

What to do if I don’t see router administration interface?

In case you do not find router administration interface at the manufacturers have probably configured the router to use a different IP address. If you are using Wi-Fi network to connect to the device, try switching to wired connection to ensure there are no connectivity related issues.

It is a fairly easy process and you are not likely to encounter any major problem while using ip address for accessing the ADSL modem. serves as the default IP address for home broadband routers, enabling you to manage your wireless router panel. Accessing the administration panel allows you to alter the configurations related to the router. As is a private IPv4 network address, you cannot use the address from outside your home network. You have no option but to use the router’s public IP address.

How can I access

  1. To access the IP address, you need to type manually on the address bar of the browser or copy-paste the IP
  2. A login panel will show up. Enter your credentials. If you don’t have them you can consult those for your router in this article. You can also learn how to recover your password if you lost it.
  3. You can use to change the settings in the administrative panel. Routers can be desirably configured to make some machines on a private network connect to the Internet.

How can I find the password?

The default password for is set and it can be easily found in our article about router passwords. However, if you have been in hurry and enter the wrong password, what you need to do is to reset it. All devices have tiny button that you need to press for 15 odd minutes using a needle. It will reset the modem and you can enter the password again. is set to the default of various routers and access points. In fact, any on a router or local network can be set to use This helps in avoiding the address conflict as a device would use it only on the network.

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router’s username and password from the list below:

If you are using the IP address, take note that it is false. The right IP address is You would usually use for a router or alternative network entree device on the networks is usually put in at Alternative hosts within the area would use higher numbers.
Modern devices regard the ip address as fully authorised. Once you log in to the administration panel of the router, all the operations offered by the software can be performed. Adjustments that can be made include LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, IP Qos, DNS, Proxy, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS, security options, etc. You can do network management and make adjustments such as blocking. Internet connection can be managed with ease, from home, school, or a café.

How can I enter the address of
To get access to the control panel of your wireless router operation, you need to enter this address into your browser URL address. You will then be prompted to enter your username and your password.

What if I forget my username and password?
In event of forgetting your password, you need to reset your wireless router or ADSL modem. You can find the default passwords for default wireless routers or ADSL modems in this article about router passwords. If you still can’t find it, you can reset your router. Modern routers and modems have a hidden reset button that you need to press with a toothpick for 15 odd seconds. It would reset the modem to factory settings.


When undergoing the resetting process, you might lose your connection. If you are still unsure how to handle the process, it would be appropriate to look up your specific router’s manual guide.

Default Router Passwords

Select your router brand from the following list to display all default router usernames and passwords:

Common Routers

Router Brand

Login IP



US Roboticshttp://

Router IP Addresses

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Router Brand

Login IP

Amped Wireless192.168.3.1
SMC Networks192.168.1.1
U.S. Robotics192.168.1.1